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The trip to England draws upon two stories by Brian Lumley: The Fairground Horror and The Mirror of Nitocris. I felt that both of these stories provided good plot links that will come into play later on in the story arc. The trip to Saudi Arabia is based on both actual places and a reference to an earlier story I wrote called The Cave. Ain Hith is a real cave that I explored while deployed to Saudi Arabia during the Gulf War. The character of Devon Schattenreich is based on the real magician named De’Vo Vom Schattenreich. De’vo is a very mysterious person and the name is actually a stage name. The reason I chose him is because I had the pleasure of working with the man (I won’t reveal his real name here) during a time when his magic/hand flourish career was just beginning to take off. There are videos of him on Youtube that will blow your mind. I loved the name he came up with for his stage name and vowed to use it someday in a story even though I altered it slightly. It means De’vo of the Shadow Realm.

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