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The Big Binder

I started printing out the Bestiaries from assorted core books so that I’d have a readily available, super bestiary!

Deadlines et al

So far, It contains the bestiaries from the Deluxe Explorers Edition, Sci-Fi Companion, Fantasy Companion, Horror Companion, Leviathan, Iron Dynasty, Realms of Cthulhu, Deadlands: Reloaded, Weird Wars II, and the free Savage Free Bestiary created by Butch Curry. I’ve also added my own creations from Savage Worlds League and Call of Kungfulhu.

Savage Free Bestiary

I find I use this bad boy quite a lot. It also comes in handy when creating new creatures!


  1. This is an awesome thing… Did you create a document for it first, and then print it out? Also, I’m wondering what it cost to print out… That looks like a LOT of pages!!! 😀

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