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The following recorded telephone conversations took place between Jalenne D’Amato and Milo Brecklin at various times between 1986 to 1989.

Milo: Hello?

Jalenne: Hi, Mr. Brecklin, this is Jalenne.

Milo: Jalenne, how are you? Did you find Tharpe?

Jalenne: Yes, sir. We found him just where you said he would be. Of course, Janelle helped pinpoint the exact location.

Milo: What was the condition of the body?

Jalenne: Pretty bad except for his head. It was the freakiest thing I’ve ever seen. Where his hair should’ve been he had a mass of tentacles. And the thing is, they were still moving and writhing. Wallace said he looked like Medusa. He was a bit shook up but Janelle calmed him down while I talked to Hamilton.

Milo: He’ll be just fine. He needed to see it. How was the conversation with Tharpe?

Jalenne: Very interesting. He’s serving some purpose for Cthulhu that he wouldn’t elaborate on. He said that our conversation must be important since there were three Virtutem Superandi Mortuis[i]’ that were sent for him. Was he wrong about Wallace being the third or is he one too?

Milo: Interesting. I suspected he was but this confirms it. Something happened during his service in the Army – a mission he was on that made me suspect he was. It’s part of the reason I recruited him. The problem is, I don’t know exactly what his power over the dead is. He certainly doesn’t even realize he’s VSM. What else?

Jalenne: Well, I asked him about Ain Hith and he said he knew that it was a place with special power. Again, he wouldn’t say why. He also said that those small towns in Alabama that used to be Indian villages were special too. He laughed and said that you were missing a key piece to the puzzle there, though. They aren’t too worried that you’ll solve the riddle before all of their preparations are made.

Milo: What was his response to the question about Cthulhu’s Star Spawn?

Jalenne: He said that the answer to that lies not in the Language of the Dead, but in the Language of the Mad. Oh, and that they are already calling to you. Does that mean anything to you?

Milo: [After a long pause.] Hmmm, I’m not completely sure, but it might be a reference to a certain lunatic or asylum.


Milo: Hello?

Jalenne: Uhm, Mr. Brecklin, it’s Jalenne. I have some bad news.

Milo: Bad news? What is it?

Jalenne: They took the meteorite. This morning we were held at gunpoint in our rooms while they took it. There was nothing we could do.

Milo: Who took it? Where in the hell was Wallace and St. Pierre? Why didn’t they stop them?

Jalenne: It was the Minister of Antiquities. That guy Khalid al Fasid and his men. There was nothing that anyone could do. The whole thing was a setup. They were in our rooms without a sound.

Milo: Al Fasid, huh? That sonuvabitch! Are you okay? Was anyone hurt?

Jalenne: No, he said to tell you that he was playing nice. He could’ve killed us but decided to let us go. He also said that if you try to get the meteor back, he won’t be so nice next time.

Milo: Did you see Devon?

Jalenne: No.

Milo: Get out of there and get back here as soon as possible. I’ll figure something out about dealing with that bastard Fasid.


Milo: This is Milo Brecklin.

Jalenne: Mr. Brecklin, this is Jalenne.

Milo: Jalenne, how are you and Janelle holding up?

Jalenne: Everything is going fine. We’re being very cautious and staying hidden. You know, it’s actually very easy for a female to hide in a Muslim country.

Milo: True. I suppose it is, but you can’t be too careful when you’re dealing with people like Fasid. Have you found out anything worth reporting?

Jalenne: Well, that’s why I’m calling. He’s definitely one of them; one of Cthulhu’s priests. He bears the sign on his ring. I got close enough to see it. I also had a chance to pilfer some of his mail. I only had time to take photos of the letters and wasn’t able to open them. I don’t want to risk taking any for fear that it’ll make him suspicious.

Milo: Good. Don’t get too risky and keep playing it smart. What did you find?

Jalenne: One letter was from a Saul Lupov. Now, that’s very telling.

Milo: Interesting.


Milo: Hello?

Jalenne: It’s me, Mr. Brecklin – Jalenne.

Milo: Jalenne, My Dear, what have you got for me?

Jalenne: Devon and Tanner have arrived. We’re ready to execute when you say it’s time. Fasid left Riyadh this morning.

Milo: It has to be tonight. Execute tonight.

Jalenne: Yes, Sir.


Milo: Hello? This is Milo Brecklin speaking.

Jalenne: [Crying] It’s me, Mr. Brecklin. He has us! Fasid has both of us! [More sobbing with sounds of deep laughter behind it. Sound of a sharp slap. Screaming and more sobbing.]

Milo: You dirty bastard, Fasid! If you hurt them I’ll kill you myself!

Fasid: You have something of mine, Brecklin. I warned you what would happen. I will have what is rightfully mine. [Dead line.]

[i] “Power over the dead”. An invention of mine.

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