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24 Mar 2013


You may not remember me but I sought you out on behalf of Milo Brecklin in order to encourage you to write him and tell him the details of your brush with the paranormal while in Fiji. I’m not sure whether or not you and Mr. Brecklin stayed in touch with each other but Mr. Brecklin passed away this past December. The things I’m about to tell you may or may not come as a surprise to you – depending on how much Mr. Brecklin has told you – but I believe that your help could be of the greatest importance to stopping something that could unleash untold horror upon the world.

To begin with, I believe your experience in Fiji was not the result of the old witch on Bat Island. I’ve come across information that suggests it was in fact you who caused (albeit unintentionally) the resurrection of that drowned Fijian. I also believe Brecklin suspected this and that is why he sent me to seek you out. I worked for him for many years and failed to realize that he was seeking out people like you (and now I see I’m one too). There were others he had recruited who knew of their power and I witnessed them use it. What is this power? It’s called Virtutem Superandi Mortuis, or The Power to Control the Dead. There were twins girls who had it and I knew them. They were murdered back in 1989.

I’m not completely sure what sort of power I possess but I believe it is similar to yours. There was an incident that happened to me back in the Army during the early 80’s. I was a part of a highly specialized Special Forces unit. On one particular mission a good friend in my squad accidentally caught our Captain selling valuable, Classified intelligence to a known terrorist. It was an elaborate mission in Yemen in an area where we weren’t supposed to officially be operating. The mission was supposed to be to assassinate this terrorist leader. Tuck burst in on the Captain to tell him that we had enemies closing in and witnessed the dirty deal going down. The Captain turned his pistol on Tuck and shot him. That’s when I came in and found Tuck bleeding and thought he was dead. I rushed to his side and, miraculously, he came to and was apparently completely healed. Not a scratch on his body, but still covered in blood. So he comes to and begins screaming about the Captain shooting him and that he was selling State secrets and all kinds of crazy stuff. I was confused and panicked because the enemy had begun to engage our guys outside. The Captain, meanwhile, is claiming that Tuck is out of his mind and that it was the terrorist leader that shot Tuck. We had to get the hell out of there right then and there and as we’re making it to our egress point, Tuck gets shot again. But this time I wasn’t able to get to him. We had to leave him. After that I was confused about what happened. I didn’t realize until just recently that Brecklin suspected that Tuck was telling the truth and the Captain really did kill Tuck only to have me cure him.

I don’t think I can heal anyone that’s been dead too long, though. Looking back on it, I think Brecklin suspected this too. If I am right, you can bring the dead back to life, but they still are in the condition they were in just prior to being resurrected. It’s like you can call their life force back into their body. I, on the other hand, can restore the dead, but only if a certain amount of their life force remains in them.

Jonathan, if I’m right, together we can bring Milo Brecklin back to life and he can finish what he started.



Tanner Wallace

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