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Wrantin Kullslug is the world’s greatest assassin who wields a magic, shape shifting sword named Raven that has the ability to transform between a sword and a raven at Wrantin’s command. Wrantin belongs to the order of the Maestro Kwellin (Master Killers) and is sent on some of the most difficult, bizarre, outré, and even hilarious adventures in pursuit of his marks. Ultimately, though, Wrantin and Raven begin to tire of the ceaseless call to duty and realize their love for each other is the only way to overcome the Masters of Death.

Wrantin begins his career with the impossible job of catching the Abominable Sachaware for an eccentric baron’s bizarre museum of curios. For this job, he is awarded the sword Raven. Once Wrantin and Raven are united, they venture across the world delving into the crime sewers of the world’s largest city, topple a dynasty by accomplishing the toughest assassination ever, adventuring through the fairy lands with the bard Taliesin, and live as goblins under a mountain with the Blue Knight of Gwent.

My inspirations for my fantasy writing include: Elric of Melniboné, the works of Robert E. Howard, The MabinogionBeowulfHarry Potter, the works of Tolkien, the works of Gary Gygax, anything about King Arthur, Iron Maiden, Rush, Blood Bowl, and the works of H.P. Lovecraft.

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