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When your will has been tackled again and again

And the flag of the soul is but ribbons in wind

“Rise Again!” they cry, “Rise Again!”


And the stones of accusers flail the skin

Don’t wail your own dirge, spit out the blood and grin

“Rise Again!” they cry, “Rise Again!”


Though they twist the meanings beginning to end 

Hopes are now bleak and virtues now sin

“Rise Again!” they cry, “Rise Again!”


Chaos now risen about you might spin

And no chance to make pace and manage to win

“Rise Again!” they cry, “Rise Again!”


They’re the voices that scream from deep down within

Scream through the ashes a cacophonous din

“Rise Again!” they cry, “Rise Again!”


[The first pic is my drawing followed by AI art using my pic as a prompt.]

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