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When the McCullys moved into the house in Whiting

         Valley, there was one peculiar room.

While the rest of the place was inviting

         and cheery, the den oozed gloom.


Daniel and Sue certainly found the room dank

         and chilly, as did little Claire.

Young Ben, though just a toddler, claimed it stank

         of yuck. It was true, to be fair.


But Gus the cat, well, he simply refused

         to enter, not even for a mouse.

Last, there was Molly, apparently confused

         about avoiding the spookiest room in the house.


One day Molly, as Ben said, was “explorian”

         about in the mildewy dark place.

She found a planchette and an antique Victorian

         Ouija board in a secret, hidden space.


Molly convinced little sister Claire to partake

         in a “game” where spirits could express.

Fingers lightly atop, the planchette began to shake

         and skitter, spelling B – R – I – N – G – M – E – G – U – S.


It was a bit of a struggle, it took some sneaking,

         pouncing, and trapping him under the bed.

They brought Gus in the den mewling, freaking

         out, and hissing, then he keeled over dead.


The girls were shocked and so they decided

         it might be best to avoid the spirit guide.

They replaced the board in the hidey-hole and never confided

         to their parents about how Gus really died.


Many months passed until their parents found

         in the space they thought unexplored.

Daniel and Sue were cleaning around

         the den and, lo and behold, the Victorian Ouija board.


At first they were surprised, Sue was a little amused

         while Daniel wore a perplexing grin.

They set up the board and were a bit confused

         when it spelled B – R – I – N- G – M – E – B – E – N.

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