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Biography Sheet of Milo Brecklin contained in case file of Agent Deborah Simpkins of F.B.I.’s Division 212.

Name: Miles Alexander Brecklin

Alias: Milo Brecklin

Born: 2 Dec 1948[i]

Died: 21 Dec 2012

Early Life: Oldest son of Dennis James Brecklin and Hannah Susan Brecklin nee Dodds. Milo Brecklin was born in Roaring Springs, Texas. In his early years he lived and worked on a ranch with his father. At the age of 18 he joined the Army and served in Vietnam with the 525th Military Intelligence Group as a battlefield intelligence collection specialist. He separated from the Army in 1973 and via contacts made in the DOD Intelligence community procured a job with DARPA.

DARPA years: His work with DARPA is believed to have been working in a Top Secret branch that investigated claims of Parapsychology, ESP, and other paranormal abilities and how they might be used as weapons or tools of intelligence gathering by the US government. During these years he began to amass a great collection of antiquarian, rare, and occult books as well as becoming a collector of rare artifacts that have links to paranormal claims.

Shortly before leaving DARPA in 1983, Brecklin was engaged as a consultant on an archaeological dig somewhere in the desert of Australia’s Outback[ii]. Virtually nothing is known about the nature or exact location of this dig. Whatever was found there is believed to have been a contributing factor to Brecklin’s breaking with DARPA and becoming a freelance entrepreneur.

One significant mystery about this period of Brecklin’s life is his sudden accumulation of significant wealth. There is no clear source for where this wealth came from. Some believe that it was his savvy in dealing with rare books, some say it came from a discovery (possibly the dig in Australia, and others say it was hush money given to cover up things learned at DARPA).

Post DARPA years: Whatever the case of how he gained his wealth, Brecklin took his fortune and started a couple of companies that have since been recognized as fronts for his continued interest in paranormal and occult investigations around the world. One company is Adventures Unlimited which claims to be an adventure vacation package for the wealthy. Trips include safaris, jungle river treks, high altitude mountain treks, deep sea explorations, etc. The other company is Aura’s Children. It is an outreach and support organization for children and young adults who are parentless or put out and who also possess rare gifts and psychic abilities.

From 1983 onward Brecklin continued to delve into the occult and paranormal all over the world. Apparently, he saw himself as a champion of Good trying to counter various plots, cults, and cabals.

Later years: Brecklin’s base of operation and home for the people in the Aura’s Children program was in Boulder, Colorado. In later years, from about 2000 onward, Brecklin seems to have become a bit of a recluse as he didn’t take in any more children but did retain a small staff of assistants. It was at his Boulder estate that he was found murdered on 21 Dec 2012. (Details are included in the Forensics Report Case #936729 attached.) Cause of death was determined to be strangulation but there were also many strange marks on the body. In numerous places there were circular patterns arranged in such a way as to suggest suction marks as if by tentacles. Bite marks were found encircling the neck and had no breaks where a hinged jaw might be. Investigators were baffled as to what manner of creature or device might inflict these types of marks. Suicide was ruled out.

[i] Brian Lumley was born December 2nd, 1937 and when he created his character Titus Crow he gave his birth as December 2nd, 1916. I was born December 2nd, 1969 and followed suit by giving my Crow-esque character Milo Brecklin’s birth as December 2nd, 1948 – a difference of 21 years in both cases.

[ii] This is a reference to the location of the ruins in “The Shadow Out of Time” by H.P. Lovecraft.

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